We preserve and restore the historical and documentary value of the artifacts. Direct involvement, continuous engagement and updating on conservation techniques with experimentation of new materials and practical approach.

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About Us

Since1993 The passion for restoration

Restoration activity since 1993. We are all restorers. The individual skills converge at the service of conservation of works of art and architectural cultural heritage. They have been developed mainly in: securing, consolidating, preserving cultural heritage characterized by the presence of sculptural elements, mortar moldings, terracotta material, stuccos and painted plaster, classified as stone materials and derivatives.

The main Purpose

We preserve and restore the historical and documentary value of the artifacts. Direct involvement, continuous engagement and updating on conservation techniques, which are expressed in the experimentation of ancient techniques together with innovative materials.

Preservation over time

Interventions aimed at removing the causes of degradation and preserving the objects of our memory. Particular attention is paid to the diagnostic and the survey of the state of conservation before, during and after the restoration.

Work report and documentation

The audiovisual report of the works is almost a consolidated practice. It allows a faithful representation and dissemination of the methods and techniques of intervention, with an emphasis over the didactic and divulgative aspects of the world of restoration.


Our activities

From the preliminary analysis to the intervention and the final dissemination


Conservative restoration

Our interventions of restoration are focused into the specialistic category of stone materials and derivatives, in particular on the decorated surfaces of architecture: ancient mortars, terracotta materials, wall paintings and stone sculptural elements.

We work both with public (Superintendencies) and private clients (Parishes and Private Citizens). Each artefact needs a particular study of its state of art, its history and its current state of conservation.

Most of the time, the value of an artwork is suggested directly by the users themselves, who are often linked to its historical memory and emotional value. For this reason, the Restorer makes his skills available without forgetting who, after his work, will continue to “live” the monument.


Planned maintenance

The planned maintenance follows the principles of the PROTECTION OF THE HISTORICAL AND ARTISTIC HERITAGE. It often takes the form of small and economic interventions, with the aim of restoring the balance with the external environment and, at the same time, monitoring any degradation phenomena that could, during the course of the time, irreparably damage the work.

Thanks to the skills of the company and its consultants, it is possible to develop a plan of control and maintenance that includes activities that can range from the visual inspections with the presence of a qualified operator, to the execution of diagnostic investigations to check the state of conservation and the effectiveness of restoration products.


Design of the restoration intervention

Conservative restoration works are closely related to the preliminary diagnostic investigation phase (entrusted to a specialized laboratory).

The design of the restoration work is aimed at collecting data and guidelines aimed at organize the work in the smallest details: through stratigraphic tests, sampling and analysis of the main compositional materials, preliminary test, up to the choice of the most compatible materials to safeguard the present and guarantee the future of the heritage. The cognitive activity is always accompanied by drawings that show the component materials and the state of conservation of the object.

In case of complex and long term construction sites, we provide consultancy and assistance for technical coordination (Operational Management) during the execution phase.


Dissemination and diffusion

Magistri has always been sensitive to the diffusion and dissemination of the results on construction site.

The aim is to report the construction site activities, sharing the procedures, the goals and the methodologies of the conservative restoration on cultural heritage characterized by important historical-cultural and identity value. Magistri owns a huge archive of information about heritage, thanks to photos and videos, that record the development and the main phases of the construction sites. The technical aspects and the “construction site emotions” together transfer to the interlocutor the right level of awareness about the technical difficulties and also the spectacularity of the interventions. For instance how to deal with complex construction sites in art places without impacting on the state of conservation and on the of usability the heritage.

Magistri is busily involved in sharing this archive with schools and research institutes. Restoration schools, specialist schools and universities have currently active internships with the company. Cycles of lectures and conferences are held for students and also for professionals.

Site Activities log

The Site Activities log is for us restorers a document that serves to monitor the progress of the work from a technical and operational point of view; a sort of logbook to be updated daily. The platform wants to be just like a diary: to collect some of the most important restoration works carried out by the Magistri company, making the visitor live the atmosphere of the site; an atmosphere full of surprises, amazement, art, unexpected events and great satisfaction.

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Some of our works

San Fruttuoso abbey

Church of San Francesco

Galbusera Bianca (LC)

External surfaces restoration

Church of S. Antonio Abate


Some of our clients

FAi Fondo Ambiente Italiano

Veneranda fabbrica del Duomo di Milano

Arcidiocesi di Milano

D’Adiutorio Costruzioni

Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali

Fondazione Augusto Rancilio


Certifications and attestations

Registration in the register of craftsmen n°410910 – Registration in Milano CCIAA n°1879941


Company quality certificate UNI EN ISO 9001- Ed. 2015
Certificate n° SC 15-3889
Quality Policy (PDF)


Environmental management system (EMS)
OSH management system
Workplace Environmental, Health and Safety Policy (PDF)


Certificate of qualification for the execution of public works:
Category OG2 Class IV
Category OS7 Class I
Category OS2-A Class IV – BIS


Italian association for architecture, art and urban restoration
Associazione italiana per il restauro architettonico, artistico, urbano

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